What’s going on…

If you’re wondering where I’ve been… I’ve spent the last week or so in techno-no-man’s land. A crash of my barely 3-year old laptop had left me helpless. Literally. Everything, and I do mean everything… in my life is linked through the gift of technology. Trust me when I say, it’s been painful to not do things from the simple task of checking if my library books (cookbooks, natch) are overdue, to downloading the food pics that I take, to catching up on world news, to paying my bills.. and yes, to writing.


Am now back online and riding the wild roller coaster curve of learning a new computer. And playing catch up.

Am now also faced with the very sad news of the recent passing of a friend. Loss of any kind has it’s degrees of pain, but is always the absolute worst, when someone you know dies. No stranger to this, we’ve suffered through the heart wrenching losses of three family members. This is the first time I’ve lost a friend.

I’d made this friend through my brother Ed, whom you’ve read about, if you follow my writing. I know the pain my brother, his wife and their 3 children are feeling is acute, to lose a neighbour, and a friend of over 20 years. The kids have all known him since the day they were born. I got know him, Ted, a little better each and every time I visited, as he would always pop around to say hi. Have a cup of tea. Bring a treat for the kids. He liked to razz me about… well, just about anything. He was good enough to take back, as good as he gave.

So, I’m off to be a big sister. A friend. An auntie. I’ve packed my knives and hope to give some comfort through food, nourishment and a strong shoulder, when needed.

I’m still cooking. I’m still taking photos. I hope all is well in your world. Will be back, as soon as I can.

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