Wesołych Świąt. Buon natale. 3

When I was younger, Christmas meant family, food and fun. Now that I’m older…. Christmas means…. well…. family, food and fun. Some traditions are just meant to carry on, even though you may forget, momentarily, during the daily grind that somehow seems to make up our lives.


My nieces Jen & Steph, now young women who follow my blog – thanks Girls!  

For Christmas Day, full on turkey dinner & all that goes with it… stuffing, cranberry sauce… family members’ favourite vegetables. Even the stuffing recipe I use was Mom’s, originating like many recipes back then, as a newspaper clipping from a trusted source. It’s like most, with onions, celery, mushrooms… but also with the most unusual and delicious addition of apples. I suppose traditions, whatever they are, make us feel safe. Warm. Loved. Back to childhood sometimes, especially for the happiest of memories.

Then comes the post Christmas slow down, a chance to relax after all the preparations for the big day. Turkey sandwiches. Board games. Eating too much chocolate. Whiling away the entire day, with family, friends… whoever your loved ones are. Recalling previous… making new memories.



My sister Josie, with our niece Molli – now a teenager!

Wherever you are, may you find yourself with some of your nearest and dearest. Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Wesołych Świąt. Buon natale.

  • Straniera

    I was sure rolling in the memories this holiday. Thanks for all the great food, but especially the love and the memory conjuring… and making new memories, too… xo

  • Steph

    It was soooo good to be able to spend even just a tiny bit of Christmas with all of you this year. Jen and I are really glad we came up, and can't wait to enjoy the family, food, and fun with all of you next year! xoxo

  • Just In Thyme

    Hello Straniera & Steph!
    Family, food & fun… pretty much sum up some of the best parts of life!! The only other thing I can say is ditto. And prego!! xoxoxo

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