Under the weather… 2

I’ve been sick with a cold/flu thing for a few weeks now, which for the most part explains my lack of writing. I find creativity goes out the window when surrounded by boxes of tissue and pots of tea, switching back and forth from nose blowing to tea drinking… sigh. Did I mention also drinking litres of ginger ale? Other than falling into the drink plenty of fluids category, the ginger ale falls in the category of comfort. It’s what Mom gave us, when we were sick. Still reminds me of Mom. Still a good thing.

Not having much of an appetite, I found myself craving comfort foods. We all have our favourites, though many would not admit to it. For the most individual, intimate ones – think back to when you were a kid… what were you given that almost instantly made you feel better, esp when made by your Mom. For everyone that fesses up with one, I’ll include one of my own. Deal….? This is the chance for all of you that say you enjoy reading what I write, but have yet to comment. Come on. It will be fun for all of us, if this isn’t so one sided. Promise.

Soups are at the top of my comfort food list – and I found myself craving some. Not feeling up for food shopping, I made do that day with what was on hand. This included rice noodles, Knorr home-style chicken stock, (highly recommend this product!!) a couple mushrooms that found themselves sliced into the bowl, some fresh basil and some fresh Italian parsley, left big, leafy, green and virtuous. All in all, pretty tasty, much slurping was required and it definitely satisfied the craving. Would make this throw-together comfort again, perhaps adding whatever other vegetables that happened to be hanging about in the fridge or freezer.

I was once told I had the culinary gift of making something out of nothing; I think this would definitely qualify.

2 thoughts on “Under the weather…

  • jen

    Hmm… Ginger ale usually makes me feel better too. Also, tapioca pudding (weirdly enough), and toast. Nothing too exciting. 🙂

  • Just In Thyme

    Hi Jen, Hmmm… tapioca pudding and toast, together…? Weird, but no more than toast fingers dipped into brown sugar laden oatmeal!! Thanks for your comment!

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