Two Ingredient, Three Ingredient, Gluten Free Pancakes

Some time ago, I was told about this amazing flour-less pancake by someone who has been living gluten free for years. Was I skeptical..? Uh huh.

You bet-cha. That’s probably why I promptly forgot about it.


When I recently started looking online for GF pancake recipes, this was among the top hits. Because I just happened to have some perfectly ripe bananas, I thought I’d give it a try. Described as ‘tasting like the middle of french toast’… I thought – yea. I can get into that. With a minimum investment of time & ingredients, although I was very hungry, I thought… what have I got to lose???

So, even if you’re thinking, ew, gross, you shouldn’t judge until you try it. Remember the saying about books & covers….

ps In full disclosure, I’ll have to admit for my first attempt – I halved the recipe. There, I said it. Now, I can say, I will make them again. This is something just begging for more of my attention.

Two Ingredient Pancakes

It doesn’t get any easier that this. With only the sweetness of the perfectly ripe bananas, you might want to top these with maple syrup, honey, some fruit syrup… or whatever else you might use on a pancake. I went with just a sprinkle of icing sugar… I really wanted to taste what was going on.

1 large ripe banana
2 eggs

Peel and mash the banana using a fork. You don’t want a puree, but you don’t want any big chunks either.

Add the eggs and combine.

Here’s where the author of the recipe added the tiniest of extras, after making the recipe a few times:

1/8 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp cinnamon

The baking powder gives a little lightness and the cinnamon gives a little kiss of background warmth.

Knowing this… I added them as well.

If you want to, add these with the eggs, and mix until combined.

Cook as you would for regular pancakes, just make them smaller and flip very carefully.


Now, here’s where they become…

Three Ingredient Pancakes

After cooking and tasting just one, my thoughts immediately when to the coconut flour stored in my fridge. A sprinkle of that is just what these need I thought – to give a little more texture and dilute the banana-ness of them. Have I mentioned that I don’t like liquid banana…?? Give me almost any fruit smoothie but hold them there bananas, please. There’s just something about the texture of liquid banana – which was really all I could taste in that first pancake.

So… I took a guess and sprinkled one teaspoon of coconut flour into the remaining pancake batter. Not only did they cook up a little nicer with more texture, I preferred the taste.



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