Trust your nose, when in the kitchen! 2

As I write this, I’m waiting for lunch – which is currently in the oven. I’m reminded that it is close to ready…. by my nose. I often get asked… “When is something done?” I always say “trust your nose”.

Baking times can and will vary, but the nose always knows! Kinda like your gut instinct…. only with your olfactory sense. You’ve got it. Use it. 

This is what I’m trying to patiently wait for, as I’m very hungry right now. Almost at the starvin like Lee Marvin’ status. While it doesn’t look like much, do not let its simplicity fool you. Do not judge this book by its cover.
Of my latest food finds, this most excellent example of Italian cucina povera is soooo unbelievably tasty…well…. you’ve got to taste it. I made it out of curiosity. And now?? It’s a keeper. I’ve made it three times in the last four weeks!

This is what I munched on while the pizza was in the oven: the few leftover very thinly sliced potatoes, a wee bit of olive oil & some salt. Mmm…. homemade chips!! 

Oh man! Mamma mia! And OMG! THIS is gonna knock your socks off. I cannot begin to describe the alchemy that goes on to change pizza dough, sliced raw potatoes, sliced raw onions, rosemary and olive oil (and of course s&p) into gastronomic heaven. YOU. MUST. TRY. THIS. And then post so we know how you liked it.

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