to Italy and back

After a fabulous two weeks away, I’m back at home, in my kitchen and at my desk, ready to pick up where I left off. It’s funny how I thought I would miss being out of the kitchen for so long… but it would seem that I really needed the break. Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after my first vacation in almost two years I can honestly say… ‘I needed that!’

While I did have every intention of posting while I was away, I’m afraid I got distracted by the beauty and magnificence that is bella italia…


The Pantheon, Rome

Even though I did have a kitchen in some of my accommodation, I rarely ventured into them as it seemed I was fully and completely in vacation mode. In the grand total of two weeks away, I cooked a grand total of two meals. If you know me at all that may sound odd, but if you’re ever been to Italy you’ll know that good food is everywhere… easily accessible as well as a great value. So, and quite thankfully otherwise I would not have a job, as how many people live their lives, I followed suit, meaning… “Why cook if/when you don’t have to!” Having said that, now that I’m home I’m very happy to be back and in my kitchen~











A rosticceria in Trastevere, Rome

Since I always, always seem to get lost in this part of the city, I stop here first. Best to have something to nosh on as you wander and discover the narrow twisting, lovely yet confusing lanes & alleys that make up this part of the city.

While I did, as per my previous two posts, take a look in a lot of food shops of all manner and size, I brought back a few things finding I had to stop myself when I was wondering if I could manage some of the small bags of the various interesting flours I saw. While I certainly could’ve purchased another suitcase and filled it with food items, I stopped myself. With all the Italian food shops & markets in Toronto, I can certainly get most of it here. I am my mother’s daughter of course, so here’s some of what I brought back…







Some lovely napkins…







An olive wood board, with a wonderfully hand-made off kilter label.. both from Florence~







While the baker in me just HAD to bring these, from a shop in Rome. Cake… anyone?



Full moon over Florence, my favourite city anywhere~









Cookbooks at the Florence location of Eataly



The magnificent Duomo of Milan



Would love to be here at Christmas, for some holiday Panetonne

So. Back to reality. While I work on summer menus & promotions and think about the wonderfully fresh, Ontario produce available right now, I’m deciding on how much more to post about my time in my favourite place to vacation. Stay tuned. I’m sure there’ll be more.

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