The Joy of Asking~ 2

It’s amazing what you can get, when you ask… nicely, especially when you believe that most people really are, and want to be, helpful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it in an… it’s-all-about-me-me-me-way. That’s never been my m.o. and I don’t see that changing. I used to think that I was a rock. Most foolishly I must say, I used to think I never needed help or anything… therefore did not ask. Ever. 

I did come to my senses at some point. Quite possibly it was years ago when travelling with some colleagues that thought to ask, very politely, for an upgrade to first class, seeing how few people were in the waiting area. Even though it was a quick flight from Bermuda to New York, the gracious upgrade was totally enjoyed – the reclining seats allowed for a very comfortable flight as well as a quick nap, allowing us to arrive refreshed and ready to bite into the glory of New York city.

My most recent example was on a trip to my hometown this past summer. An admired local politician that had helped my mother had recently passed away and I was unable to sign the condolence book. Happening past the office where the book had been and going in to ask if it were still possible…“why Yes!” was the response. A second book was started as so many were stopping by making the same request!

This brings me to what I want to ask of those of you who read/follow my blog…

Please please don’t be shy about posting a comment. Anytime. The stats give me the numbers. I would love to read your comments. As a thank you I will hold occasional contests, for those that do. But you do have to comment, to be eligible. 

While I think of future contests/giveaways (I recently had one for an e-gift certificate from Whole Foods!) I thank you in advance for reading. Very much!


Warm Kitchen Regards,


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  • Petal

    Ah yes…a wise woman I met in Whistler years ago once told me “Don’t ask. Don’t get.” I have referred to this sage advice several times since and have been surprised more often than not by the response from people, in various situations. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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