Sunday. Game day.

Ahhh… Sunday football. For as long as I can remember, one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a cool autumn/winter Sunday afternoon is to catch a game. Or two.  Depending on where they were playing, sometimes my fave team would be televised. Sometimes not. If I were watching with any of my brothers, so much the better. (No offense to my sisters – they just weren’t football fans). Spending time with family, fave sport on tv and something simmering away in the kitchen for dinner…. doesn’t get much better than that. Especially on a cold winters’ day.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend some NFL games; the first, years ago in Seattle. Chiefs vs Seahawks. Sorry Chiefs. For being my very first game, and having driven all the way from Whistler with some friends, we were ready for the excitement. While the game itself was pretty good – beautiful sunny autumn day, the refreshments were… let’s say, lacking. This game was held at a University stadium and as such – was ‘dry’…. which is what we were told when we went looking for the beer stands. Dunno… football without beer??? That’s like Mac without Cheese. Ben without Jerry….. you get the picture. At least we had the flask of Baileys that I’d brought……

With the ultimate Sunday game approaching, thoughts must turn to game day food! I understand it’s one of the busiest days of the year for pizza delivery. Some go with snack and finger foods their entire game, which is a good strategy to not miss any of the action.

Years ago, when I lived closer to some of my siblings, we’d all get together for the game. Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends…. the whole gang would get together. The guys would have a pick up game…. yes, even in the snow. They actually said it hurt less to be tackled, with all the extra clothing they were wearing – not to mention, apparently a softer landing, in the snow. The girls..??? Safely inside, warm, catching up, sipping wine, prepping and getting game time food ready.

One year my then sister in law Fran made this delicious beef stew… tender beef, big chunks of vegetables – and finished with dumplings on top. Perfect… hearty… delicious fare for a mid-winter Sunday afternoon, watching the game. That fantastic recipe was requested yearly after that, and was appropriately named…. ‘Super Bowl Stew’. I don’t know if she still makes it, but if you’re reading this Fran… I’d love to have that recipe!! I still think of it, and our Super Bowl parties – from all those years ago~

Whatever your strategy, plan it so you don’t miss any of the action. After all, the commercial spots, this year reported to be over $3M for 30 seconds, can be ask entertaining as the game itself – sometimes, sadly, even more. I’ve seen some of the previews… and yes, the one with Matthew Broderick is my fave. Happy Game Day!!