Summer Eating…

Craving salad, on my way to the kitchen I remembered the only greens on hand were some very strong romaine lettuce. In the few seconds to get from here to there, I recalled a trick I learned to take the edge off greens that are too ‘strongly green’…. marinate the lettuce first, in some oil, vinegar, salt & pepper. This I discovered when making Greek Salad, that didn’t get eaten right away. The result?? The lettuce was tastier and much milder. At least 15 minutes, and if left a bit longer, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Other salad ingredients to include fresh grilled corn, cooked au natural; seasonings of olive oil, salt and pepper to be added when the kernels were cut from the cob. Green beans were already steamed. Also on the way, some croutons, for crunch and taste; slowly heating some olive oil I added one crushed garlic clove, then tore in some Calabrese bread. The rough edges give an amazing texture and taste – I promise they will liven up whatever you put them in! Sauté the croutons to golden brown; Yum!


Put it all together on a large, rimmed plate. If you time it so the croutons are still warm, they will soak up some dressing and be even tastier. A fresh herb scattered over the top would not be amiss; I added some fresh basil. Don’t forget the final seasoning of salt & pepper. Buon appetito~