Summer Bounty! 1

Each time I venture out food shopping/exploring – I just can’t help it. I get giddier & giddier as more & more fresh Ontario produce appears in green grocers (thank heaven that they are still around), farmer’s markets, specialty food stores and yes, even supermarket chains.

With lingering memories of winter and its’ seasonal lack of local produce, seeing the fresh, colourful displays calling out to me, is like a drug. Mother Natures’ drug, I suppose. Just one of today’s finds… at a grocer on St Clair W: 

8 for $1.99

Do yourself a massive favour… pick up something local. Treat it with respect and don’t mess around with it too much in the kitchen. Fresh corn… husk it and put it directly on the bbq or grill pan – the charred flavour gives it a whole new taste! Fresh tomatoes… dress with olive oil, some fresh chives, salt & pepper. Fresh peaches… halve, remove pit and also put directly on bbq or grill pan. Sprinkle with sugar, your favourite liqueur and serve with ice cream, cake…. get in your kitchen and explore the possibilities. Call a friend for a recipe. Go online…. contact me and I’ll be happy to help with any cooking advice!

Buying local tastes better AND costs less. You’ll be feeding body and soul. Your taste buds will thank you. Your wallet will thank you and your carbon footprint will be less

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