Strawberry Smoothie

Summertime… and the living is easy!!

This happily also translates into cooking and eating habits. With the arrival of local, seasonal, bursting with freshness and good taste fruits & vegetables… not much work is needed. It’s not necessary.

The best cooking philosophies embrace this and treat it with an almost religious fervor. Hoping that doesn’t sound too much a lecture… no, wait a minute… I actually do! We can, and should make our choices about what we eat and when. To this end, we should not expect to eat fresh strawberries all year long.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can replace how they should and do taste… when they’re fresh. Local. In season. As much as we worked very hard growing up on a 100-acre working farm… to this day, I am thankful for this lesson learned.

This simple yet tasty & refreshing recipe is perfect for a quick breakfast or after a work out. A blender is not necessary – I don’t even have one. I use my trusty immersion or ‘stick’ blender, in a tall container or measuring beaker. Just be sure when you have it turned on, that it is submerged in the ingredients – otherwise, you’ll have reason to wash down your counter, walls and everything else in sight!!

Strawberry Smoothie

This fab recipe from Foodland Ontario can even be prepped the night before, without the ice cubes. Add them in the morning and you’re ready to go. Makes 4 servings and can be easily halved or multiplied.

2 cups Ontario strawberries, hulled
1 cup (low fat) milk
1 cup low fat strawberry yogurt (vanilla is also good)
1 Tbsp Ontario liquid honey
4 ice cubes
4 Strawberries, for garnish

*Nutritional boosts: 
3 Tbsp ground flax seed for fibre and Omega 3
1/4 cup instant skim milk powder will add calcium and protein

In a blender, or other container suitable for an immersion blender, add hulled strawberries, milk, yogurt, honey and ice cubes. Process until smooth.

Pour into chilled glasses and garnish with a nice, big berry that you’ve cut almost to the stem – to perch on the rim of the glass. Add a pretty straw and enjoy!