St Paddy’s is coming. Get the Guinness. Get your Irish on!

For the longest time, I was afraid of the dark. Dark beer, that is. It wasn’t until living, in all places, Bermuda – that I developed an appreciation for this Irish nectar of the Gods. Come to think of it….. it`s also where I learned to appreciate dark rum…. hmmm.

I’ve always enjoyed a good pint, in fact just hearing the word ‘pint’ makes me want to have one. I think a pint is the equivalent to alcohol, what cupcake is to desserts. Does that make sense…?

So, back to the Guinness – and Bermuda. One night I was going out with my friend Yuko, to the local bar for a bite. When she ordered a burger and a Guinness – something made me say….. “same for me!”  Yuko was a huge Guinness fan and could not believe that as a beer drinker, I didn`t like dark beer. It only took that one – that was the start of my love for the stout.

Now when I think `pint`….. I think Guinness!

There`s a lot of things you can do in the kitchen with beer, and with Guinness. Of course there`s Beef Braised in Guinness – a fave of mine! I’ve also used beer in place of wine, when cooking. Once, when craving risotto, but not having wine or parmesan, I improvised with what I did have: beer…. and cheddar. It made a pretty dee-lish ‘Canadian’ version of the Italian classic. Have also made some pretty tasty pan gravy, using beer in place of wine.

I’ve recently come across some dessert recipes, one for Guinness Gingerbread – how good is that gonna taste… as well as for Guinness Chocolate Cake, which apparently is something of a classic. YUM. While I`ve yet to make a dessert with stout, I`m going to try, before this St Patrick`s day gets here. If you have made a Guinness based dessert, please post and let me know what you thought of it.

The link for the Guinness Gingerbread:

And for the Guinness Chocolate Cake:

As it turns out, they’re both recipes from the British Goddess of the kitchen – the second link is from a blog, as the direct link to Nigella`s recipe involves weighing the ingredients. ‘Nuff said.

At a pub: in Rome~