Quick ‘n Delish Veggie Breakfast = Something Out of Nothing

I`ve been told, more than once, that I have knack for ‘making something out of nothing.’ I have to admit, I didn`t always see it as a compliment.

Lately, I believe.

Pretty much since the new year, I`ve been trying to not only keep up the healthy eating, but also watch how much and how often I eat. Sounds like I spend a lot of time eating…. doesn`t it!! Well…. most of it is just grazing. I know that having smaller, more frequent meals is healthier than the old 3-square…. plus it helps keep your metabolism running…. and higher.

One more important factor to add – I like… no, LOVE to grocery shop. Let me rephrase that… I love to shop for food products. I`m fortunate to live in a big city and food, food markets & shopping are all around. I`m mere steps away from not only a very handy little green grocer, but also from a very reputable and long standing butcher shop. Hence… I shop often!

There are times though, if I`ve been working a lot, that my kitchen can get a little bare. Case in point, having yesterday morning off – I wanted to have something substantial for breakfast – without having to get out of my jammies and venture out. Here`s where the something out of nothing comes in….

It`s not really a recipe I`m writing about… more like a method. It`s how we were taught in culinary school and has never let me down – all these years later. A method + altering ingredients = variety!

So, yesterday as I went into the kitchen, ravenous and saying to myself…. “there`s just gotta be something to make some breakfast…

Finding two Yukon Gold potatoes, half a red bell pepper, half a red onion and a few cremini mushrooms….

…I sliced them all very thinly, and sautéed the veg in extra virgin olive oil. First browning them over high heat, than adding a bit of water and putting a lid on to soften….  it took about 15 minutes.

What you see grated on top is Parmigiano Reggiano. Yes, the real stuff. I always have it on hand!

Once the veg were cooked… I tipped them out of the pan, added a bit more olive oil and fried an egg. (Did I mention there was one, just one egg, in an otherwise empty carton in my fridge….)

So, the over easy egg went on top of the pile, and I do mean pile, of vegetables. To top the whole thing… out of habit first, (always always when I make pasta) and then knowing it would be good…. a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a little more Parmigiano, a sprinkle of Kosher salt…. and a few grinds of black pepper.

The runny yolk mixed with the cooked veg…. divine!

I hereby challenge YOU… go on. Get in the kitchen. Make something out of nothing. Then tell us how you did!

Feel free to comment...