Some Kitchen Alchemy…

Finding myself having not only a very busy morning, but quite ravenous, I ventured into the kitchen to conjure up some breakfast. This brought to mind what a friend once remarked when looking in my fridge; “you have no food” they said. I replied, “yes, but I have ingredients”.

What I found today: eggs, which I always have. I could eat breakfast any time of day. Among other treasures were a small dish of brown beans, some fresh baby spinach and on the counter was the remainder of a hearty baguette, which to be honest, was just about past its’ prime. THIS, I told myself, is where kitchen alchemy comes in.

After putting a non-stick sauté pan on to heat, I thinly sliced some baguette. A sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil in the pan, followed by the bread slices to crisp them up… and breakfast was on its way. After flipping & moving the bread slices, I cracked an egg into the pan, and heated the beans in the microwave. With a large shallow bowl at the ready, I started layering: first the ‘toasted’ bread, then beans, a small handful of spinach and then the egg. Just like finishing pasta, I gave it all a sprinkle of extra virgin, a couple grinds of black pepper and last, but certainly not least, a light dusting of kosher salt.

With very little and in just a few minutes, I had a buonissimo breakfast. Get in your kitchen. Get some alchemy going. Buon appetito~