Smashed Barbecue Sauce Beef Burgers

If you think you need an outdoor barbecue or grill to enjoy everybody’s favourite tastes of summer…? Think again! 

smashed barbecue sauce burger

When you’re craving the taste of a beef burger – and by that I mean a GOOD beef burger – all you need other than some good beef, is a cast iron skillet and a good barbecue sauce. Hold pretty much all the extras when what you want to taste is beef. This could in fact be called “a burger for guys who LOVE the taste of beef!” The secret..? Like many things in life, is to keep it simple. Beef. Barbecue Sauce (preferably homemade). A few slivers of onion cooking under the burger. Hearty grilled bread.

I promise you when I say this was the best burger I’ve ever made. What can I say… I’ve finally found the joys of a smashed burger!! Smashing = more contact of beef to heat source = more caramelization = great taste!

Even if you do have an outdoor grill, and especially if it’s one whose size will rival that of a small car, you might not want to fire it up to cook for one or two people. Besides, you couldn’t really do a smashed burger on a grated barbecue grill. You could however, put your trusty cast iron skillet on the grill! Boom.

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What to do for optimum flavour…?

  1. Get the skillet good and hot, and by that I mean you might wanna-turn-off-the-smoke-alarm hot.
  2. A few slivered onions under the smashed beef will add tons of flavour and soak up the cooking juice. I used 3 ounces per burger.
  3. Using, again I can’t emphasize this enough – a good quality barbecue sauce.
  4. Keeping the ‘bun’ simple, but tasty. One slice of nice thick bread like Calabrese, brushed with olive oil and grilled – or at least warmed in another frying pan.
  5. Serve with more fab barbecue sauce. That’s it!

smashed barbecue sauce beef burger

smashed barbecue sauce beef burger


Smashed Barbecue Sauce Beef Burgers
Craving a beef burger that really tastes like a beef burger - just smash cook it in a cast iron skillet - and douse it with a good barbecue sauce.
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 3 ounces lean ground beef. Form it into a loose ball, put between two pieces parchment paper and smash it, nicely of course - don't picture it as your ex. You want it thin, less than an inch if you can.
  2. Season the top side with a good sprinkling of Kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper. It'll go face down in the skillet.
  3. A few thin slivers of sliced onion. Use what you have.
  4. One slice hearty bread, brushed with olive oil & heated on a grill pan or skillet - do this while the burgers are cooking, but be quick about it.
  1. Once your cast iron skillet is sizzling hot, drizzle a little olive for each burger then add the slivered onions. Top with the seasoned side of the burger, using the parchment to help place it, and carefully press the meat down in the pan. Cook until you see juices bubbling up on the top and the colour changing on the sides.
  2. Slather on some barbecue sauce! Using a big spatula, carefully scrape up all the goodness - and flip it over. If you're gonna add a slice of your fave melting cheese, do it now. It should only need another couple minutes from here. That's it.
  3. Place on the grilled bread and serve with more sauce.
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