Passata Tomato Sauce. The joy of simple~

In the kitchen, as in much of life, simple is best.

Start with a bottle of pureed tomatoes, preferably Italian. Don’t forget to add a bit of water to ‘swoosh’ around and get all the lovely tomato.

Heat up some olive oil in a pot (deep sides mean less potential clean up… you’ll see later what I mean) and add a clove of crushed garlic, which you’ll later remove (garlic taste without the little bits of it floating around…. ) If you have any fresh herbs on hand, when you add them depends on what they are; hearty herbs now, more delicate herbs near the end. OK??

I have fresh rosemary, so after briefly soaking a small branch in hot water – to really bring out the flavour AND stop it from burning – I added it to the pot.

Not wanting to add any heat at this point, I passed, but did of course add kosher salt & fresh ground pepper, but only after first tasting (some salt is added to the tomato product).

My goal here is simple: Lunch…. with some twirling! Knowing there’s a container of perfectly cooked al dente linguine in the fridge, it’s only minutes away. Am also very pleased with the fact that there will be several cups of finished sauce… meaning other fab meals are minutes away.

Some sauce will go in the freezer; use glass containers, puh-lease… Plastic stains and can transfer icky smells/tastes…

 Future uses… with some roasted eggplant or mushrooms, cooked Italian sausage, meats, cheeses…. or simply some cream to make a rose sauce, many other fab meals comfortably await you, like a finish line. Only better. 

For now, lunch is served. My fave pasta. Some garlic & rosemary infused tomato sauce. A sprinkling of Parmigiano. Let`s eat!!

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