Saucy Cranberry Glazed Meatballs

Just in time for a festive meal, glorious ruby red cranberries take a break from dessert and join the savoury side of the table. What a deliciously decadent trade! In my book cranberries don’t get enough use, or credit, and this recipe adapted from David Lebovitz will become a starring regular on my table.


When cranberries are in their very short autumn season, I like to pick up extra to stash in the freezer. There was a time when I used them exclusively for baking, but with my GF status baking is very limited these days. I found this recipe handily, when looking for a way to ‘festive up’ meatballs. I’m so very glad I did!


While some may call the meatball humble, I call it one of my favourite foods. Easy to make the recipe is deliciously adaptable and can be made from all kinds of meat from ground beef, pork, veal, poultry or sausage. I usually use a combination of two, or sometimes more, to really give them depth. And flavour. Use your own favourite recipe or try mine: meatballs. It uses both medium & regular (you do want some fat for good taste!) ground beef, as well as some ground turkey – which really helps lighten them. Who likes a heavy, leaden meatball anyway…?


ps As for cooking them, try either pan frying for crispy edges or oven baking, which keeps them nice and soft. Try both. See what you prefer. That’s the joy of cooking!

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