Tools + My Brother + an awesome rolling pin!

As many who are fond of cooking will tell you, they LOVE their kitchen toys. Tools. Gadgets. Equipment. All of it! Tutto!! It all adds up to being kitchen efficient… or as a certain domestic goddess calls it: very clever in the kitchen!

This brings me to one of my most prized kitchen tools – my rolling pin. While it’s not something that’s used every day, I was very, very particular when looking for one.

As it turns out, I do have a fantastic rolling pin – in fact, the best rolling pin I’ve ever had.. it was custom made by my brother Ed. Ed has his own restoration business and when I asked him where he went for wood products when he needed them, he asked me why. I told him I was needing a new rolling pin and had read that certain ‘wood supply’ places carried something called dowels, that just might do the trick….

My brother Ed – restoring a chimney  

I explained how things like length and diameter mattered, to have good control while in use – and the size I was looking for. As a meticulous craftsman himself, he totally understood.

Leaving it at that, I figured he would let me know when he found something, and also figured it might be awhile. He’s not only busy with his own business, he also has family responsibilities… a wonderful, wacky wife and three amazing, beautiful and energetic kids. Then there’s the house. The yard. The pets. You can imagine how busy he is…..


It’ll never forget the day Ed showed up at my door, coffee for me in one hand, rolling pin in another… and a big smile on his face!

Turns out, he had not only sourced the dowel, but cut it to the length I wanted. He then treated the cut end, knowing it was for use with food. How did a girl get so lucky – to have such a fantastic brother, so thoughtful – so kind!

I don’t live as close now, but next time I go to visit, I’ll pack the rolling pin. And the recipe for one of his fave desserts – Lemon Meringue Pie. What’s a big sister for, anyway!

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