Jovial Brown Rice Gluten Free Spaghetti: Product Review

Always on the hunt for decent, good, better gluten free products I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have found this product! Picked up on a recent trip south of the border, wink, wink, nudge… the only regret is to not have bought more. The only explanation for my reticence is that I was where I was. Sigh.

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It was an online search that helped me locate this wonder product from Jovial made in… Italy! Award winning. Tasty. Good for you! Not yet available in eastern Canada…. whaaaat??? I’ve signed up for their email alerts so hopefully I’ll be in the know as soon as it is. In the meantime, you can buy it online through Amazon, but it’s by the case. I should mention that I am seriously considering it. Seriously. It’s THAT good – with a texture and chew soooooo like the real thing, you’ll be double checking the box, to see what it was that you cooked. Really. I cannot recommend this product enough, and look forward to trying all their pasta varieties – including a no-bake gluten free brown rice lasagna noodle!! Mamma mia~


Served with homemade classic basil pesto made when basil was at its peak last summer, I had the foresight to freeze some, omitting the cheese which would be added when used. This WAS pasta heaven, with every bite lovingly enjoyed. Satisfying the longing to eat one of my all time fave foods, being gluten free it was not only safe for me to do so, it really and truly was so like the ‘real thing’ it brought back fond memories of eating this very dish in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Buon appetito, si!