Potato & Leek Soup

Among the many recipes in her vaster than vast repertoire, this is one of Julia Child’s finest.

Needing no introduction, Julia remains the Grande Dame of French cooking. Watching even her very earliest videos is a joy and a marvel. Blown away with the equipment she had…. an electric stove, the most mismatched, unprofessional and unlikely looking pots, pans & tools imaginable, all the while turning out the most exquisite food.

Like many things in life… it’s not what you have, it’s what you can do with it.

Don’t let the appearance of black pepper deter you from using it. 

I’ve said it before and will say it again, there are times when simplest is best. There IS a reason this is a classic, that will never go out of style~

Using only the fewest of ingredients, do make sure they’re fresh. Once you’ve thoroughly washed the leeks and are slicing them, be sure not to cut too far up into the darkest green. Save them for another use – or stow in your freezer container for future uses like stock or other soups.

Potato & Leek Soup

You’re gonna love the simplicity of this; just be sure to make it when leeks are available locally. Now that the warmer summer weather is upon us, you can serve it chilled, as Vichyssoise. Garnished with a swirl of cream and perhaps a snipping of fresh young chives, it’s an excellent starter for a long summer’s eve dinner party. This will make 6 appetizer size servings.

3 cups, sliced leeks (white & light green parts only)
3 cups, sliced yellow potatoes (Yukon Gold, etc)
water, to cover
salt & pepper

In a large pot combine all the ingredients and bring to the boil.
Season with salt & pepper, turn down to a simmer and cook for approx 15 – 20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.
Purée using a hand blender, food processor or blender. Although not necessary, to really make it smooth, you can drain the soup through a fine sieve.
Serve hot or cold; a bit of cream (your choice) stirred in at the end will give it a luxurious finish.

Be sure to wash the leeks thoroughly!!


 The aroma of this simmering is incredible!

 Puréed and ready to finish. 

Now hear Julia saying, in that most unique voice… “Bon appetit!”