Oven Roasted Salmon Gratin with Balsamic Glaze

If I had to choose just one fish recipe to eat for the rest of my days, this salmon dish that packs so much flavour & texture and has enough wow factor to be served at the most elegant table would be my numero uno.  

We all know how good salmon is for you, yet many people tell me it’s too strong a taste, so they give it a miss. Full stop.  This recipe does all the right things, hitting perfect notes for taste, texture and balance. It will change the way you feel about salmon!

The crunch of the crispy bread crumb topping (I used homemade GF bread crumbs) and the depth & relative sweetness of the balsamic glaze complement, in spades, the fattiness of the salmon. Do start the cooking of the salmon in a hot, dry non-stick skillet. It helps the crust to form and trust me when I say, it doesn’t need extra fat. You’ll probably be surprised at how much will come out of the fish! (See pic below!)

As if it needs any further attributes… this dish can be on the table in about half an hour. Elegant enough for a dinner party. Easy enough for a weekday. Tasty enough to convert the non-salmon eaters at your table. And… good for you!

When you do make this… serve it with whatever you like. I’m not in the camp of many that serves fish with rice. Sometimes I like it with mini potatoes. This time I went with salad. Keeping it simple I used oak lettuces and a honey-Dijon vinaigrette with a touch of balsamic, echoing the flavours of the salmon, and nicely tying them together. 

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