On bella Italia….

It’s been an eventful few weeks since my trip to Italy, which now feels like it was a dream! Did I really just spend two glorious weeks doing what I felt like doing, at the time at the time I felt like doing it –  in not one… but two of the most beautiful cities in the world???

Il Duomo, Florence

Since I’ve returned, I’ve been without computer. Worse, I’d also lost my voice for several days, due to a cold/flu/nastiness that will just not go away. What kept me going… you guessed it. Remembering in as much detail as possible, my long overdue, and fab-u-lous recent vacation. Thanks to my great new smart phone, I have tons of pics, some I used on one of my few recent posts. It’ll not surprise you to learn I have more of bellissima Italia to come~

Fontana di Trevi/the Trevi Fountain, Rome

While I could talk about my fave culinary style forever, imagine what I could do with the subject of the Italian philosophy of cooking AND eating, after spending, for the 4th time, my vacation there. Hello!

I keep getting asked what my favourite part was and I finally have an answer: “feeling like a local” is the short version. From morning coffee standing at a bar, to browsing & shopping in the massive variety of food shops & markets…. to lounging in a piazza, to practicing my Italian at every opportunity… I felt like I was home.

What is yet to appear in my posts, will reveal more.

Now that it’s back to reality and routine, thankfully with laptop, it’s an understatement to say… I have some catching up to do!!

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