Nutella & Banana Gluten Free Crêpes from America’s Test Kitchen 2

Would you be surprised to read that I’m beginning to enjoy my gluten free education…??? I’m honestly surprised that I’m saying it, but in looking back it’s been a long time coming. You could say, I’m getting the hang of it. All it’s taken is months and months of trial & error, research, recipe testing, testing, testing… but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. And work for it!


How sweet it is!

With a constant supply of  ATK’s GF flour blend in my kitchen, whipping these up was a snap! It actually took less time than making traditional flour crêpes, as the batter did not have to rest (usually at least 30 minutes) after mixing. No gluten to relax here! That also translated into very light and tender crêpes, which is of course what you want. 



Slowly but steadily I’m getting the hang of making things I used to eat, but now without gluten. Cooking these is much the same as regular crêpes. If they tear or end up with a hole somewhere, don’t sweat it. It’s easy to hide any imperfections when filling them, as they’re usually folded into quarters.

While the recipe said to use a 10″ pan, I prefer them smaller – especially when using a filling like this! I halved the recipe, used a 6″ non-stick skillet and made about a dozen. 


They’re now well wrapped and in the fridge while I contemplate another filling; perhaps making a crêpe layer cake!


In the meantime, I can’t wait to try these out on some gluten free friends. 


Quite easily one of the best crêpe desserts I’ve ever had, which also happens to be gluten free. Buon appetito~

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2 thoughts on “Nutella & Banana Gluten Free Crêpes from America’s Test Kitchen

  • Debbie

    These look delicious Joanne. I’m ok with gluten so l guess l can just use regular flour or make your g.f. ones for friends who are gluten intollerant.