No Churn Coffee Ice Cream

This recipe is brilliant! Startlingly easy, fantastically delicious, I had actually put off making it, thinking it was one of those things that’s too easy… and therefore too good to be true.

IMG_20150819_130238I do love it when I’m wrong about these things!

IMG_20150819_131156By simply doing some mixing, whisking and folding – nothing could be easier. 

IMG_20150819_131228After popping the mixture in the freezer, I wondered just how the texture would turn out. I mean, ice cream… made without a machine?! I had, most certainly, done a taste test and was immediately wowed by the flavour. And that it took about 10 minutes to make.

IMG_20150819_131307Nothing left to do now, but play the waiting game.

IMG_20150819_192013Turns out, for my freezer anyway, the suggested minimum freezing time of 6 hours was too soon. After another quick taste test (YUM!) I smoothed the top, obscuring the evidence of my impatience, and popped it back in the freezer. Good things come to those who wait.

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