Mother’s Day 1

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as I experience the joys & frustrations of creating my new blog site… and not that I need an excuse or reason but I can’t help but think about my Mom. Having finally gotten to the point of being able to say or even write without crying that she’s been gone for a few years now – I find I still have to get it out quickly to avoid the imminent waterworks.

Even though she never got to see me in my current profession as a personal chef AND food blogger, I know she’d be ridiculously proud. She was after all beside herself with joy when I graduated from the culinary program all those years ago. It took me a long time to figure out why. Having been denied an education herself as a child in Poland when WWII started, she made tremendous sacrifices and worked very hard her whole life. First by surviving, then by immigrating to Canada. She wanted her future family to have a better life.

I owe everything I am to my Mom; from stubbornness, which why I HAVE to create this new site on my own, to her facial features which I always reminded of, to the many culinary attributes/intuitions and to food obsession (did I mention sweet tooth…?) I do come by it all honestly.

No matter where I’ve lived over the years from the other side of the country to a whole other country our phone conversations always revolved around food. With the start of a simple… “hey Mom, what’s cooking…?” the conversation would exist solely on what we just cooked and/or ate to what we were going to cook and/or eat!

One of my favourite food stories to tell is from many years ago and the one & only time my brother Steve came home from fishing… with no fish! The ancient cast iron skillet had been patiently biding it’s time on the back of the stove much like waiting for sheep to cross the road when driving through rural Italy. That simple act alone demonstrated not only Steve’s prowess at fishing, but Mom’s faith in him. To say she was not best pleased that he came home empty handed would be indeed a gross understatement. I suppose she was just that jazzed about having freshly caught fish cooked “swimming in butter…” as she used to call it!

NOT funny at the time. Kind of a cool memory of them both now. Here’s to family, food & memories.

Happy Mother’s Day~


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  • Steph

    LOVE the re-design and the story about Dad and Babcia! I never heard that one! <3

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