The freezer. Most unappreciated kitchen appliance…? 2

Definitely the freezer. Yet, this humble, often overlooked, taken-for-granted, boring old behemoth can be a veritable treasure chest of good eating!!

Most I know do use their freezer; some are stuffed with pre-packaged pre-fab meals, some have secret stashes, others have all sorts of goodies… I remember Nigella Lawson giving us a peek into hers. She quite proudly, and quite rightly, showed off all manner of ingredients…. from meats tucked into marinades, little packs of bacon & pancetta and even little baggies of leftover wine – for use in cooking. How fab-u-lous is that!! I’m with the domestic goddess on this one! (Altho I’ve yet to try the frozen wine thing….)

Pasta Fazool. Well, one version of it…  

A little planning and some organization (isn`t that how all good things come together…?) is all it takes. Next time you make a pot of chili, or soup or stew… you get the idea… make some extra to freeze. What about when making your favourite tomato sauce….. make a big batch and freeze it in portions. You can later add yummy things like grilled zucchini, sautéed mushrooms…. chicken…. meatballs. Or cream for a rosé sauce. Are you with me??


Smaller portion perfect when making Pizza!

Having a stash in your freezer means a night off from cooking, being able to invite last minute guests, or can save you, literally, like when I recently returned from being away for a week, to a near empty fridge. On my way in the door I remembered, with gratitude, the container of 5 Bean Veggie Chili I`d stashed a couple weeks prior. I was smiling big time, knowing I was not only saved… I also had some home made Cheddar Cornmeal Crackers in there as well! Cha-ching! (Sorry, uh…. no pics of that… I WAS TOO HUNGRY!) 

Buy too much of something….. can’t possibly finish it….. FREEZE IT. 

Panettone. Toasted – for an awesome breakfast!

Making muffins? Cookies? Freeze some. Any baker worth their salt knows, especially at holiday times, how well cookies freeze.


Royals Shortbread. YUM.
Mini Cornmeal Muffins, thawing while Coffee brews!  

Whether you use containers with lids, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper… Just make it as airtight as possible and in the case of liquids in a container… leave a little headroom for the expansion when the product freezes. And for crying out loud, remember that just because it’s frozen – it doesn’t mean it, whatever it is, will last forever!!!!

ps One of the best things currently stashed in my freezer, other than the Limoncello…. Niagara Cherries. If you’ve been following along, I went cherry picking for the first time last summer. One bag is left, waiting for something special….

2 thoughts on “The freezer. Most unappreciated kitchen appliance…?

  • jen

    The freezer is one of my favorite things, actually– when I do cook (which, I'm afraid, isn't terribly often), I like to make things in large portions that will feed me for longer than just one meal. I also like when people give me food they've cooked, that I can tuck away for a busy day when I don't want to make something for myself! Currently in my freezer: candy cane ice cream (I buy a couple cartons right before Christmas every year…. I love it but you can only get it in December!), Mom's turkey soup, Mom's spaghetti sauce, one of Grandma's meat pies, some Ste-Emelie sausages (the best breakfast sausages on the planet, from where Grandmaman Jeanne lived!), and some pre-cut, pre-portioned veggies for the next time I make my Mexi Quinoa. I love my freezer! 🙂

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