Mom’s Secret Ingredient Potato Salad

I find it interesting that when we crave the foods that we do, and we all do it, at times it can be for nostalgic reasons. Take potato salad. Not something I really eat anymore nor have I made in years, but after a recent visit to my hometown, found myself craving it.

And by it, I mean my Mom’s version.


Like many of the things she cooked, I don’t know where the recipe came from, or if it was an original… she did after all, have a way with food. I’m guessing the years both during and after the war, when there was not much to cook with or eat, had much to do with her magnificent kitchen abilities. As we know, the sign of a good cook is someone who can make something out of nothing, also known as Italian ‘cucina povera’. 

After a bit of research to see what others put in their potato salad, while I found many of them similar and using some ingredients in Mom’s recipe, I found none using her secret ingredient of apples. Yes. Apples. 

The surprise sweetness & tang of biting into a piece of apple in potato salad adds a lovely je ne sais quoi, while most certainly elevating the taste and texture of the salad. While you may be thinking it’s a weird ingredient to add, trust me when I say that anyone who had the good fortune to taste my Mom’s version, loved it.

Next time you make potato salad and we all do have our fave versions, consider adding apple while also considering writing/typing any of your Mom’s recipes that you enjoy. You’ll be glad you did both~

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