Mango Fool

What an interesting concept for dessert! Simultaneously light, yet decadent, with the glorious taste of fruit… and indeed with a most unusual name. A perfect finale to any dinner party, but especially one with a heavy menu. I served this to some friends recently… it was a hit with everyone. Including me.

I kept coming across variations on the recipe which of course, piqued my interest and elevated it to the top of my to-make list. It actually bumped down things like Nigella Lawson’s Espresso Ice Cream and Julia Child’s deceptively simple yet elegant Mousse au Chocolat! (Be sure to watch for these in future posts~)

This British dessert has been around for ages, and for good reason. Fantastically easy to put together and can be varied with fruits, as they appear in season. I happened to have some mango purée on hand, which saved me the step of having to blitz up a fresh one. What I did though, was add some fresh mango in the bottom of the dessert ‘glass’ as well as for a garnish on top.

You could use any fruit – that will purée, at least to a chunky state. Whether fresh or frozen, it won’t matter. Whether you add any sugar or not is up to you. It will depend on the natural sweetness of the fruit and just how sweet your sweet tooth is. I made it without adding any sugar and used only vanilla extract in the whipped cream. Be cautioned: you don’t want it too sweet. The idea is for it to be on the lighter side… and to showcase the taste of the fruit.

Most recipes say to use only whipping cream. I cut down on some calories and added some tang by using some Greek yogurt, in fact an almost 1:1 ratio. It didn’t hurt that the silky textured yogurt was also flavoured with vanilla bean. In fact – it was perfect!

This is best when made at least a few hours ahead, to give the flavours time to meld and for the mixture to set. I recommend making this one over and over, varying the fruit/fruit purée and maybe even using more than one fruit. Think of fruit that will complement each other… or even offset each other. Something sweet with something tangy. Vary the colours. I think some blackberries would be fabulous with the mango (when their available locally, that is).


Mango Fool

Serve this in whatever glasses you have, anything stemmed would be especially pretty. Be sure to make it a few hours in advance and chill in the fridge. Vary the amounts of yogurt and cream, and even the fruit(s) used – to come up with your own fave combinations. I can’t wait for the first rhubarb of spring! This recipe will serve 6.

200 gr Greek yogurt
250 ml whipping cream
1 1/2 cups mango or other fruit purée  (either buy puréed or blitz fresh or frozen fruit of your choice)
Mango or other fresh fruit, some diced & so sliced (to add to and top the dessert)

Whip the cream to soft peaks and fold in the yogurt. Fold in the fruit purée, leaving some streaks of fruit showing. It’ll make a great presentation and does make a difference to the taste.

Add some diced fruit to the bottom of the glass and spoon in the mixture. If you have extra fruit puree, you can layer some on the top.

Chill in the fridge right up to the time of serving. Garnish with fresh fruit and serve.