Culinary Explorer: in Kensington Market, Toronto, ON

My first real venture to discover Kensington Market has left me, in a word, gobsmacked. I had spent bits of time there previously, enough to see cheese shops, butchers, fish markets, bakeries…. in addition to the many cafés & eateries.

I’m hard pressed to think of any other part of the city that has such a wide variety of not only interesting places to eat, but inspiring places to buy the ingredients for your own kitchen. This area is most definitely a food lover’s heaven.

I’ve posted pics of just some of the shops I had time to go into. At the bottom of the page find the link for the Kensington Market website, to start you off on your own culinary journey.  

Olives at: Global Cheese (martini, anyone…)

Just one of the many cheeses at: Global Cheese (this product Canadian made)

Inside at: Casa Acoreana – a staggering selection of tea, coffee, spices, nuts, candy….with very nice staff, although they declined to be in the photo!

House of Spice; obviously so much more than spices 

House of Spice (excellent price on these products; very comparable to buying in Italy!)