Just have to say…

After rereading this, before posting, I thought I’d tone it down. Then I thought again

I’ve been (trying to) live wheat free, for almost a few months now. I started after getting only part way through the book “Wheat Belly”. That was back at the end of May. It’s now mid August, and I have to tell you that changing a lifetime of eating habits is no easy thing.

In putting this info out there in the world, I feel like am making a confession. Of sorts.

For the first while, it was an exciting challenge, to eat nothing with flour. NOTHING. If you follow my blog at all, you’ll know this is no small feat!! I love baking. I love eating what I bake. In fact… if I weren’t a personal chef, I’m sure I’d be baking, in some way, to make my living.

If you’re living flour/gluten free, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And let me just say right here, that trading in flour for most any of the glut of ‘gluten free’ products out there… you’re not doing yourself any favours. Most of what is used is almost as bad for you and your body. Besides, the taste…. UGH.

If you’re going to trade in flour because you want to be healthier, you must choose healthier options.

When this discussion comes up with pretty much anyone, I’ll be honest and tell you that I get looked at with one eyebrow raised. Do I care…?? Of course not. I’m doing what’s right for ME. How do I know it’s right for me…? I submit to you, the following:

  1. I am less bloated.
  2. I am less gassy. There it is. I’m fully confessing and yet not words I ever thought I’d be saying!!
  3. My belly no longer makes bizarre gurgling and rumbling noises.
  4. I feel better overall…  I don’t know if this makes sense – but I feel ‘lighter’ perhaps because…
  5. I’ve lost weight. While I have no scales to tell you how much, I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in… at best guess – a few years. And others are noticing 🙂 Will find out for sure the next time I donate platelets.
So, how do you go about changing the habits of a lifetime? Going from waffles, pancakes, biscuits or even toast at breakfast means changing how you think. And doing some planning. It’s so easy to simply reach for any bread product from whole grain, to sprouted & seeded, to an English muffin to a bagel… pop it in the toaster and call it breakfast. 
Lunch…? How many of you can claim a sandwich and a side is your fave? Or soup with some kind of bread for dipping & dunking? What about pizza and salad?

Did you know Twizzlers licorice has flour/gluten…???!!! What about Smarties. Yup. Smarties.

Then there’s eating out. Do you know there are very few quick serve items that do not contain wheat? Burgers. Pizza. Subs. Bagel sandwiches. Can I just say how much I miss Boston cream donuts??!!

I’ve not even reached dinner yet!! With my fave-any-time-of-day-food being anything Italian… I MISS PASTA. I miss pizza. Especially my homemade versions.

How will I ever survive my next trip to bella italia? At times I feel like I’m on some sort of self imposed, tortuous diet. Then I remember why. It’s my choice. I want to be healthy. So I’ve totally changed my eating habits.

Makes me think of my mom, who worked exclusively overnights, at the end of her nursing career. When getting off work in the morning, she said it felt like dinner, so she’d have hotdogs for breakfast if she felt like it! OK so while hotdogs would be out for me… I’ll eat chicken and salad. Thinking of you mom, always~