Ice Cream/Gelato!!

With it being the unofficial last day of summer, sorry kids, I have this…. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream….!” running through my head.

This cool treat…. apparently one we never tire of, or get too old for. Available in so many ways, so many guises and even disguises…as per the freeze dried, yes freeze dried variety. I’ve sampled a lot, especially when traveling – when I spend hours walking and don’t feel guilty about eating gelato/ice cream, every day. Sometimes twice – especially when the temp is soaring and it’s too hot to wear your hair.

I thought I’d share some of my photos and let them tell the stories. They all bring back sweet, sweet memories and I hope they conjure up some of yours!

Happy Labour Day!! ps Gotta head out for some gelato later…. 🙂


From my first trip to Italy!! This little spot in Rome, most conveniently located a few doors down from our pensione.

Spumoni. Still, and will always, remind me of high school marketing trips, with end of day dinner at an Italian restaurant. Those were THE best trips. Ever!!

This little shop is in Toruń. They sure love their lody/ice cream in Poland!

A selection of the famous Ben & Jerry’s, in Buffalo. Always brings back memories of road trips. Now, where are the spoons in this store…. !
These two at Toronto’s: G… for Gelato. Sampling with visiting BFFs~
At Gelateria Perché No, in Florence. Member of Slow Food. ‘Nuff said.

Couldn’t bring myself to try it…. WHAT a concept! Was told your saliva ‘activates’ the product…. hmmm.

Giolitti. One of THE most famous places for Gelato in Rome. Buonissimo~