plate of honey thyme roasted chicken thighs and carrots

Honey, Thyme Roasted Chicken Thighs & Carrots



One pan dinners are a cold weather go-to in my kitchen, and when they’re impossibly gorgeous as this is, good taste is sure to follow!

You can of course make this with bone in chicken breast, and I have, but I much prefer the taste of the dark meat, cooked with the bone in and skin still on. Every time I write about this subject, I can picture the meat counter in the mega-sized grocery store and I’m left thinking…” just what do they do with all the bones & skin removed from cut up pieces of chicken?” Which is quickly followed by… “why do they remove the things that give so much taste…?” 


I’ve roasted pork loin with honey & thyme which turned out so fantastically delicious, I thought… why not do the same thing with chicken? It’s so neutral it should really pick up the flavours, and be smashingly good! It’s also a nod to my Mom who poured honey over chicken – waaaay before sweet & savoury was cool. It then occurred to me that instead of doing glazed carrots on the side, I should add them to the pan. Gotta love great ideas~


If I were a Brit I’d say this was a doddle to put together. It’s also a recipe that’s so much more than a sum of it’s parts, and like any recipe with so few ingredients, be sure to use quality products – local honey included. 

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