Grapefruit Brûlée

A recipe like this…? Way too hard to resist! As if playing in the kitchen and having yummy things to eat is not reward enough – this one also lets you play with fire. Yes. Fire. Not many kitchen peeps can resist that!

You can purchase a kitchen blow torch, meant for exactly this purpose, in any decent kitchenware shop these days… failing that, there’s your local hardware store for a more, uh… industrial type. If you go for the hardware store variety, be sure to use extreme caution.

If you’re hesitant to use a blowtorch of any kind or just don’t have one, these can also be done under the broiler. Yes, better safe than sorry. Just be sure to line the pan with foil, otherwise any spillage of juice or sugar will be cemented to your baking tray – giving you your next clean-up project.

Much like browning the meringue on a pie, I recommend to not leave the oven, if you use this method! I’ll never forget my first attempt at browning meringue, where I turned my back for the briefest of moments – but it was too late. My try at golden brown… gave me a nasty grey/black colour. I was so upset I threw the whole pie, plate and all, in the trash. What a saucy teenager I was!! I’m pretty sure someone in the family fished out Mom’s pie plate for me…

Remember… safety first. Especially when it comes to open flames – the culinary world is rife with ways to inflict bodily harm.

The other interesting thing about this recipe and post, is around the time I found the brûlée recipe, I also found one for grapefruit granita – watch for that future post! What’s interesting is I don’t usually eat grapefruit. Well.. to be honest, I never eat grapefruit. Until now…

Grapefruit Brûlée

This will change how you feel about grapefruit. I’ve gone from trying grapefruit once in my life, to eating it twice in recent months. Just goes to show you… give the foods you say you don’t like a chance. Another bonus… I just know my dear, grapefruit-loving friend Sheri, is smiling large right now~

1/2 grapefruit per person
1 tbsp raw sugar, per grapefruit half

Prepare the grapefruit by first slicing a very thin piece off each end – to ensure a stable bottom. Be sure to have the cut tops as level as possible, otherwise the sugar will run off while you’re heating it.

Cut each grapefruit in half, and turn cut side down on some kitchen paper for 30 minutes; this will help remove some of the liquid, ensuring the top will brown nicely.

Turn the cut fruit right side up and sprinkle 1 tablespoon sugar evenly over the cut side.

If using a blowtorch, after making sure there are no flammables nearby, on a heatproof surface use the blowtorch in a sweeping back and forth motion, until the top & sugar darken… you can go as far as you want here – the darker you go, the more ‘burnt’ will be the taste.

If using the broiler: have it preheated and place the sugar topped fruit halves on lined heatproof pan. Watch carefully, as this could be done in just a few minutes… the timing will depend on many things, including the power of your broiler and how dry the fruit is.

When ‘burnt’ to your liking, set aside to cool down before serving – at least 20 minutes.


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