Gotta be me…

I LOVE THE FALL!! So long, heat & humidity! I mean really, unless you’re vacationing on a beach or by a pool – who needs oppressive heat, day and night, night and day??? I know those that adore the swelter of summer, but for me, fall is where it’s at. Am not quite sure why…. maybe my being a Libra has something to do with it… or perhaps because it means with cooler temperatures, spending more time in the kitchen, to get baking, simmering and braising, bringing on heartier more soulful foods. For as long as I can remember, fall has been my favourite time of year.

Fall means hearty. And hardy. Even the flowers, while still gorgeous in colour, are sturdier… last longer.

Ahhh. Fall. Right now am organizing in my mind, things I want to make in the kitchen. Fresh crispy apples, ruby red cranberries, beautiful squash of all sizes and colours, all bringing the promise of fun in the kitchen and good eating at the table. The delicious warmth of cinnamon and vanilla hanging in the air, squash roasting in the oven, ready to be transformed into a pasta filling or soup. Apples pared down, sprinkled with a handful of fresh cranberries and buried under a virtual mountain of butter, oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon.. Perhaps a little ginger…


Have I mentioned, I LOVE THE FALL!!

It`s time for hearty soup, filled pasta, bread rising in a warm corner of the kitchen, Sunday roasts, pies and fruit cobblers bubbling away in the oven… I`m almost delirious thinking about it all! Don`t forget, that unmistakeable sound of leaves crunching underfoot as you walk down the street, pumpkins everywhere, bringing the promise of Halloween… one of my favourite `holidays`. License to be whatever you want, for that one magical, bewitching day…!

For me, very little beats a fall, Sunday afternoon….. football on TV, deliciousness wafting from something simmering on the stove or baking in the oven for dinner, and some nearest and dearest to share with. What a glorious season. The time of harvest. The time of thanks. Get to the market for some fall goodies. Then get in your kitchen. What are you waiting for….