A good lesson for life…

Many years ago, I really thought I knew what I was doing in the kitchen. Mind you, this was before I had opportunity to work in many restaurants, travel, go to culinary school, eat foreign foods (sometimes in foreign lands!) – in short before any of my real culinary education began.

Getting fixated on a wonderful photo of a French Bread recipe, I just had to make it. Had to. Only thing was, it seemed like far too much salt… so I didn’t add it all. (I may have even used less than half….) It’s the only time I’ve ever made French Bread at home, and I have to say, it was beautiful. Too bad it had no taste.

Now I know: salt = taste.

I like to remind myself of this story; to remember that sometimes, esp in baking, you just have to follow instructions. And to always have some humility in life.

Here’s hoping your bread tastes as good as it looks!

Culinarily yours,