Gluten Free Gnocchi

When you change the way you eat, it follows that you need to, have to, simply must get used to the way things taste. With gluten free food(s), that specifically relates to texture. Without the strength that is gluten – which is what holds things together – the texture, quite naturally, will be different. Very different.


I’ve found, as probably many of you have, that it’s one of the biggest challenges of eating gluten free. Really… have you tried (most) gluten free bread products??? The most common descriptive work I can think of to describe the texture is: sandy. 

These thoughts take me to the gist of this recipe, my first crack at making gluten free gnocchi. Being such a big fan of making and eating almost all Italian foods, including the biggies of pizza and pasta, I’ve moved my focus to other Italian dishes that I miss. Really, really miss… While these will not, obviously, have the texture of traditional gnocchi, they are a pretty good substitute.

This first attempt was fairly acceptable and let me give you the following pointers:

  1. unless you have big bulging biceps a la Popeye, I strongly suggest ricing the potatoes while they’re still warm.
  2. they won’t come together as easily as regular flour gnocchi, so be patient with the dough.
  3. do cook a couple of ‘testers, to be sure they cook through AND hold together.
  4. without the structure of gluten, I found mixing them with the sauce made them fall apart. Instead, add the gnocchi to a warmed bowl, ladle the sauce over, garnish with Parmigiano, fresh basil or parsley and enjoy.

Like making any recipe for the first time, there will be challenges. The challenge of making reasonable GF substitutes for il mio preferito italiano:my Italian favourites is gladly accepted. Buon appetito~

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