Gluten Free Classic Sandwich Bread

It took me two attempts to get a good result from this recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen “How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook”… 

I accept full responsibility.

In looking back to what happened with the first try, I think it was a problem with my yeast and perhaps… a little with my confidence. As I do become more adept at baking/making gluten free items, they do turn out progressively better. Plus, even though my sweet tooth wouldn’t mind it, I can’t live on desserts alone. 

Still missing the familiarity and ease of eating things like sandwiches of all sorts, and even toast (still) while I’ve found what really is a fantastic gf sandwich bread at the store: Udi’s Gluten Free White Loaf…

… I just have to keep trying until I can make a properly textured home-made, tasty… gluten free loaf at home. It’s a mission.

IMG_20151103_110917“How can it be gluten free…?” Indeed!

Having great success with other recipes from this amazing gf cookbook, I just had to give this another try. After replacing my yeast and with new determination & focus, I gave it another go. 


As I cut into my freshly baked second attempt and reached for the butter – all I can say is… I’m so very glad I did!

Finally getting the rise described in the recipe, it in fact rose so high, I had to literally cut the loaf free from the top of the pan. So it’s a little rough around the edges. What’s not to like…? It has the perfect texture, and as important, great taste. Plus, it gives me great comfort. A successful attempt AND good eating~


BLT, gluten free & full of taste. Who’s a lucky girl…!

You should freeze what’s not eaten the first day. Slice it, stack with pieces of waxed paper and wrap well. You’ll have happy days of gf toast & toasted sandwiches. YUM!

Here’s the link for the gluten free flour blend needed.

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