Herbs: getting fresh in the kitchen!

Of the many kitchen activities I get great satisfaction from, almost nothing tops the list like having my own herb garden to pick from. Amidst the everyday prepping, peeling, chopping – the simple act of selecting what I need, snipping it free with scissors, ready to immediately elevate whatever I’m cooking… plus, it means summer is just around the corner.

There is no reason to not have your own little herb garden, even if there’s only a couple that you use. The payoff…?? In SPADES! For what you spend… the rewards are many, not only in appearance and taste of your food, but also in cost savings. You can stop buying the cut bunches – that you never, ever seem to use all of before they wilt. Aaaaack. Plus… nothing, can perk up any dish, quite the way fresh herbs do. Delicious. Aromatic. Ahhhhh.

As I started looking at where to get my plants this year, I found them everywhere; from the large grocery chains, to specialty food shops, and right on down to the small produce guy. What I finally settled on is what you see below:


My Herb Garden Jungle…. how fab is this!!!

This little gem of a garden came already planted with several varieties  – ensuring me ample variety for some time. Chives, Rosemary, Oregano, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Basil, Sage… even Spearmint!

The only thing there’s not enough of….?


   Last year’s ‘crop’ of basil.

Yup. Basil.  I NEED more. I cannot imagine summer without home made pesto…… and indeed, would not want to. I’ve already sourced more than one place that has a fair sized planter – which can only mean there are plenty of pesto fiends out there!!

What to do with all those fresh herbs….???


Potato and Chive always a good combo
Rosemary for Focaccia Bread (and Potato and Onion Pizza 
Basil, Chives, Parsley…. all great crowning glory for Foaming Hollandaise
Basil and Tomato for Pasta (and Bruschetta, or Caprese Salad)
Basil for Pesto Genovese
 There’s always classics like rosemary with lamb, tomato and chive, cucumber and dill, sage and brown butter sauce for stuffed pastas… Get some herb plants in your kitchen. Experiment. See where getting fresh will take you!