food products as travel souvenirs… si, certo!

When I get the opportunity to travel, like most people I do like to bring home souvenirs. Not one for trinkets or tchotchkes, my souvenirs tend to be food related, if not actual food items. Stretching the gamut I’ll venture to, and as I posted on earlier in the year, items that relate to the table.

I cannot bring to describe the joy of these items that just keep on giving, especially to someone who spends so much time in the kitchen. Each and every time I use any of them I am teleported back in time, in my mind I’m on vacation again… sigh, almost as good as being there. And always longing to return.

In no particular order, are some of my faves:


Tomato paste in a tube = best invention, ever! This double concentrated version… cost just over 1 euro.

Nepitella: an Italian herb used in mushroom & artichoke dishes. A most unique flavour, this is a must when I cook mushrooms.


A bunch of dried Sicilian oregano; crumble some loose to use in cooking, I’ve now seen this is Italian shops here in Toronto.

 A single serving of extra virgin olive oil. How clever. How democratic~


A few drops this ‘truffle’ infused oil adds that unmistakable scent & taste~

Mayo in a tube gets my vote for most fun! While I do usually make my own, I couldn’t resist bringing this back, and have certainly enjoyed using it; makes me wish I’d purchased the tube called ‘Big2’ with stripes of mayo & ketchup – only saw it once and didn’t get it. Lesson learned.