Easiest, Tastiest Steak-House Style Creamed Spinach

Considering I never knew of the existence of this vegetable side until finding it on the menu at a very high end steak-house, I was quite surprised to find it was a steak-house classic. I mean, seriously… who would ever think to put spinach in the same category as steak…?? But then again, man cannot live on meat alone…



…and very star needs their sidekick.

In this case, the sidekick appropriate for most any meat, is made ridiculously easy using frozen spinach pucks. Pucks. Perfectly, deliciously green, frozen and pre-portioned into approximately 3-oz sized nuggets – they’re the one of the absolutely best things you could have in your freezer. They’re easy to use and we all know: green = good + good for you!


While raw spinach is of course perfect for any salad application, the laborious cleaning & cooking process is no longer necessary when using this most convenient product of one the absolute-best-for-you vegetables there is. Think Popeye.

Quite surprisingly, the only brand I’ve found is that of a national grocery store chain, but I will look harder, for other brands of this most ingenious invention. From its use in this quick, nutritious and tasty recipe, to dropping a puck or two in the final simmer of a soup or stew, there’s no easier way to cook spinach. Or tastier way to eat it~

Funny thing is, the best feature of the convenient puck/nugget portioning is only indicated on the front of the package… in tiny print at the bottom!


While lacking in aesthetics, this recipe more than compensates with the nutritional bombshell that his vegetable is. Much like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, a spoonful of cream is the just the thing to help the greens go down – especially for those that turn up their nose to the suggestion of eating their vegetables! 



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