Dijon and Herb Panko Crusted Salmon

Sometimes, people tell me they don’t eat any salmon because they find the taste too strong. Sometimes, I’m saying exactly the same thing. The answer…? When you cook it, add ingredients to not only complement, but help counter the strong taste.

The last time I made salmon, I kept this in mind and starting looking for ingredients to use. While searching through my kitchen to see what was at hand, I found of course, Dijon mustard, for starters.  There was some fresh parsley in the fridge, some garlic in the veg basket and homemade Panko bread crumbs in the freezer. I was all set to go and didn’t have to nip out to any shops! So far, so good.

The plan..? Start to pan fry the salmon on the stove, coat it with mustard, then top it
with a savory bread crumb/stuffing mix. Last step – to finish it in the oven for a few minutes – which is one of the best restaurant tricks I ever learned!! Remember, if the handle on your sauté pan is not heat proof – or you’re just not sure, wrap it in some aluminum foil. You’ll be good to go.

Below, find the step by step of how I did it

And… if I haven’t mentioned, I’ll never again say I find the taste of salmon too strong. That… and I get to enjoy a mag way to get more healthy Omega-3 into my diet.

Dijon and Herb Panko Crusted Salmon

Put some plastic wrap between the fish and your cutting board/counter, and season the salmon with salt and pepper. Clean up will be sooooo easy!

Place the salmon skin side up in a dry, hot sauté pan – salmon is a fatty fish and you do NOT need any oil.

After about 2 -3 minutes, turn the salmon over. A nice sear will have formed, giving not only great flavour, but will help keep the fish moist and juicy.

Remove the pan from the heat and ‘paint’ as much of the fish as you can, with the Dijon. (See those beads of moisture in the pan – that’s from the salmon!)

Top with the panko/bread crumb mix: I used about 1/3 cup panko, a bit of grated garlic & fresh parsley, just moistened it with olive oil, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Other bread crumbs will work, it just won’t be as light or crispy. (But buy some panko next time – you’re gonna love it!) You could also try other herbs: oregano, marjoram or dill would all be fab! Once topped, put the pan back on the heat for another 2 minutes.

After wrapping the handle if needed, pop the pan back in the 350 oven, for about 5 minutes (remember the rule for cooking fish is approx 10 minutes per inch). Remove from the oven and tent with foil for about another 5 minutes.  

Bucking the norm, I don’t always serve fish with rice, I served the moist and very tasty salmon with new potatoes – pan roasted with olive oil and fresh chives. It was healthy and hearty, without being too heavy! Tasty fare indeed~