Culinary Explorer: Trattoria Anita, Florence, Italy

Trattoria Anita
Via del Parlascio, 2, 50122 Florence, Italy
+39 055 218698

The first time I ate here, was luckily for me, on my very first trip to Florence. It was heartily recommended by a local, and I soon found out why. We enjoyed the experience so much… we went back again. And we took some new friends~

My fave waiter Nicola – giving as good as he gets… All in good fun, of course~

I come back every time I’m here. When anyone I know visits Florence, I also send them here. No one has ever been disappointed.

Run by brothers, it is the epitome of a family run trattoria. With real, uncomplicated food, a comfortable, low key vibe, the friendliest of service AND reasonable prices – this is the real deal. Not swanky, not posh… but real. If you initiate a conversation with whatever level of Italian you have, they’ll play along. They’ll join in and even throw in some friendly teasing. I ask you, isn’t everything you get, relative to the effort put forth???

 Bruschetta con Pomodori

Pecorino e Prosciutto al forno… can you say ooey gooey cheesy!! Still one of my fave starters – anywhere~



I’ve recently been back to Florence, of course returning for dinner. This time for a belated birthday celebration and took, yet again, some newly made friends. Who’s a lucky girl… I got to spend my birthday in Florence! Somebody pinch me!!!




Too often, in cities that are big tourist draws, there are places where the only concern is stealthily, smilingly, literally ripping the money out of your wallet. I don’t know anyone who likes this… and who would?? Sometimes you have to work hard to find a place like this. And sometimes… you just have to ask.

If you travel and you don’t know this one tip – for whatever you need… ASK THE LOCALS! Like you and me in our own cities & towns, we’re happy to share where the good stuff is. As well, and as is our nature, we’ll also share the bad – with a vengeance~

If you want to feel like a local in Florence, you should go here. And if your birthday falls on a Sunday when they’re closed, go on Monday. You’ll be glad you did.

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