Culinary Explorer: Pizzaiolo Gluten Free Pizza

Pizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza
953 Eglinton Av W, Toronto


That was the response from the pizzaiolo:pizza maker, when I popped into a local Pizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza shop to ask… “how’s the gluten free pie…?” For this Libra girl who has trouble committing to anything, especially unknown, and don’t even get me started on coffee of dubious origin… I finally went in when I recently found myself at a loose end for lunch. On one of the rare occasions when I didn’t feel like cooking and I really, really wanted pizza, it seemed the thing to do.

By this point I was in the shop, perusing topping choices and becoming more and more hungry. Plus, I had a craving – so I knew nothing else would do. Besides, I think the brutal honesty of the answer, rather than deterring me, made me want to try it even more. Go figure.

Thumbs up for the decor!

Deciding to keep it simple, as a good pie should be, I went with sauce, cheese & roasted red peppers. If it’s lacking in taste, I thought, I could hit it with some Parmigiano when I got home. 

Liking the pizza box – it’s a good sign, I thought.

The walk back wasn’t as quite the same as the last time I bought a pie…

… in Bellissima Firenze:Beautiful Florence~

Pizzaiolo Gluten Free Pizza: Tomato Sauce, Cheese & Roasted Red Peppers

Anything but rubbery, I found the crust crispy and a little too thick, but the taste of the wood oven char helped make up for it. The sauce was almost perfect, with just the right amount of seasoning, including oregano. Overall.. not bad for my first non-homemade GF pie.

If I had to give it a score, I’d rate it a solid 7.5 out of 10. I’ve since discovered other pizzerias that also do gluten free, and may adjust the score accordingly, as I find the time to get out and explore the other offerings.

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