Culinary Explorer: Mercato di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

Mercato di San Lorenzo
Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 50123 Florence, Italy
+39 055 210214

If you’re a fan of food markets, I mean the proper kind where the products are authentically local and ditto for the people selling them… you’re gonna love this place!! From anchovies to octopus, porcini to zucchini, this place has it all~

On my most recent trip to Florence, I was very fortunate to be staying close by… so close that I made a few visits. It wasn’t a question of why, more like… why not!! It seemed a moral imperative. Hey… you never know when you next get the op to jaunt over to your fave foreign country!! Plus, when you spend as much time with food & cooking as I do – it was a given. I’d rather shop for food products, than anything else.

Questo è Marco: I practiced my Italian… he gave me a few words in Polish & French!! My kind of grocer~

There was only one problem being in a truly outstanding food market…

I had to get over the feeling of being helpless, to have so many wonderful things at hand… but no kitchen to cook in. You have NO idea how sad this made someone who’s in the kitchen daily…. I’m talking every day. Sigh. That’s when I promised myself that never again, would I travel to Italy and not have access to a kitchen.

I’m already dropping hints to friends that might be of like mind, telling them how easy it would be to rent an apartment, where daytime would be your own… and then getting together in the evenings for dinner. Wine. Conversation. Catching up on the day’s adventures. Ahhhhhh…. Who’s in????


Dried porcini anyone? These… I was able to bring home!

This market is very popular, with both locals & tourists. There are also places to buy prepared food, which all have huge lineups at lunch time; Perini, pictured below, is just one of them.

Florence definitely has no shortage of food shops, most of them stand alone, one of a kind… unique. Going here is a destination. Be sure to have lots of time. Be sure to be patient. Unless you’re there just as they open, it will be crowded – which is ‘normale’ for any fab food market, anywhere. To find it… head for the outdoor leather market or the church of San Lorenzo. Look north over the leather sellers to find the building. If you don’t see it, simply ask.. “mercato di San Lorenzo…?”

You’ll be glad you did.


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