Culinary Explorer: IL Duca, Trastevere, Rome

IL Duca Ristorante
Vicolo Dè Cinque, 52
00153 Rome, Italy
+39 06 581 7706

This place is without a doubt, il mio preferito/a preferred place to eat, when in Rome. I go there each time I visit, sometimes twice. The very first time, was on a recommendation. I’ve been hooked ever since~


October patio dining – gotta love the Italian climate!

It’s everything I like when I go out to eat… casual enough, good atmosphere, and most-oh-so-most importantly, uncomplicated, honest, delicious food!! It’s authentic. It’s local.

It’s worth it, whether you’re at home or travelling to do a bit of legwork to find places like this. If you’re lucky, all you have to do is ask. If you’re anything like me, you might actually avoid restaurants. It’s not a question of being snobby, it’s just that I’ve spent so many years in the industry that I can’t take being disappointed by the food, and/or by the service. It’s just too much to bear, especially when you consider the time and money invested for the experience and when you’ve worked in enough kitchens & restaurants in enough places to know exactly what’s involved. And… the way it could be.


While I only had a couple days in Rome on the end of this trip, I had to drag my flu riddled self to Trastevere just to have lunch – here. The flu had been coming on for days, really starting to hit me on the train from Florence to Rome. I’m talking the runny nose & watery eyes icky-ness. While not having a great appetite for anything at this point, I needed a hit of coffee. The waiter merely raised one eyebrow when I asked for “un cafe” to start. Kinda funny thinking about it now… Anyway, while I would’ve happily eaten so much more if healthy, I opted for a sampling of local specialties. Hey…. when in Rome!



Fresh pasta & artichokes proudly on display,

Checking out the room for sketching potential…
Keeping  entertained…
Ahhh. Nothing quite like the hit of a real Italian ‘coffee’!

A trio of local specialties: Baccalà fritto, Fiori di zucca con mozzarella e alici, Arancini: 
Fried salted cod, Zucchini flower with mozzarella & anchovy, Rice ball stuffed with tomato sauce.



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