Culinary Explorer: I Fratellini, Florence, Italy

 I Fratellini

Via dei Cimatori, 38  50122 Florence, Italy
+39 055 239 6096

This tiny little panino shop is an institution. Since 1875…? Oh yeah! THAT says a lot. You know the ‘little brothers’ are doing something right. And if you know anything about Italians and history… longevity rules!! That, in part, would explain why they don’t change things. Ever. That’s mostly a good thing.

Check out the selection of wines available, by the glass!


The panino/sandwich menu. When it’s busy, you get a menu to look over while in line.

Selling only made to order, on a warm Tuscan salt-less roll and serving wines by the glass… you lunch like an Italian – standing in the street. I find these places charming. Irresistible. I was going to eat my way through the menu… they have 30 items. ‘Nuff said~


Pomodoro & Mozzarella on this visit~ Shelves for empty wine glasses flank the doorway. 

Lunch hour queue… moves surprisingly fast, but gives you time to ponder the possibilities~


On this visit: Ham & Cheese = Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella. Buonissimo~ ps Note the saint at the end of the street keeping watch.

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