Culinary Explorer: fun with food shopping in Rome~

After spending a few days in the glory that is Rome, I’m relaxing and restoring my inner peace in beautiful Florence, my favourite city anywhere. Even though I’ve been to both cities several times, they continue to impress and inspire me, especially since there’s so much to learn.

They say to get to know a people, find out what they eat. Talk about being in my wheelhouseI very much enjoy exploring food markets, shops, supermarkets… whatever size and form they may take, and to see what’s there. Not so weird for me, as I also enjoy this when am home. After all, most stores carry different things don’t they… figure in air conditioning or ‘getting reprieve from the heat in the frozen food section’… and I’m there. So, there~

Some things give you an ‘ah-ha- moment…









… clarified butter in the dairy case. BRILLIANT!

Others entertain, and who of us doesn’t like the humour in the ordinary…




And others make you wish they were available where you live…

IMG_20150626_102220 copy





The last vacation I took in Italy, when I was without kitchen, I promised myself that next time I would have one. Well… in Rome, I did. I cooked exactly once… and made some very tasty tagliatelle with pesto e parmigiano. The ingredients were all right there in the refrigerator section; fresh pasta, fresh pesto & ready grated parmigiano. Easiest pasta dish I ever put together! The leftovers were equally dee-lish and quickly consumed the next day, between outings to see sights, churches and making major decisions – like deciding where to go for gelato. 

This lovely man was prepping bread dough for baking and didn’t mind a quick chat and a photo. Why didn’t I ask him for some bread…!









For me, stopping at a rosticceria while exploring Trastevere is mandatory! It makes getting lost, which I still do, every time, less painful when you have something like this delicious suppli in hand…


Yet other interesting supermarket finds…

IMG_20150626_133214 copy

IMG_20150626_133757 copy









And yes, gluten-free is available here – which I was pleasantly surprised by…






Turns out… you don’t really need a kitchen here, that is for the short term. Food, and I mean good options for food, are everywhere. You just have to look. It can be fairly inexpensive, especially since portions sizers are smaller than the north american, and if you take the time to look. Fine with me, grazer that I am. And it means I get to try more things~