Culinary Explorer: Campo de’ Fiori, Rome

Campo de’ Fiori:Field of Flowers, Rome, Italy

A few ‘blocks’ south of Piazza Navona in Rome’s centro storico, this public square of some notoriety has been in use for commercial enterprise since sometime in the 1400s. What’s evolved into today’s produce market has fruit, vegetables, spices and other various ingredients, tools and items for cooking. Let’s not forget – it also has flowers.


Since the early days of it being a meadow of flowers it’s also been a horse market and apparently the site of not only public hangings, but the burning at the stake of a philosopher named Bruno, accused of being a heretic.


The statue in the middle of the square is a monument dedicated to Bruno, some hundreds of years later.

IMG_20150624_102707 IMG_20150624_102718

While some call this lively square touristy, it apparently can be too lively in the evenings when market hours are over and boisterous activity spills out from local restaurants. I still enjoy a walk through when in Rome. But then again, I’d rather shop for food then most anything else. 










Whether too touristy or not, like all things you should judge for yourself. Take a stroll. Check out what’s unusual, and perhaps not available near your home. Listen to the locals, yes they are here… haggle over price & freshness. Normale. 


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