Culinary Explorer: Bi Bim Bap, Eglinton Av W, Toronto, ON

Bi Bim Bap
Korean Stone Bowl Riceteria
950 Eglinton Av W, Toronto, ON
416.787.RICE (7423)

Some people find it odd that I don’t go out to eat very often. I suppose it’s the polar opposite of my finding it odd that some people don’t cook very often.

The main reasons, I suppose, are that I like love to not only cook, but also be pretty much in control of what I eat. The latter is very hard to accomplish unless you’re in the kitchen. Am I a control freak…? Perhaps. Am I particular about what I do eat…? Most definitely. Hint hint, if you ever want to meet me for a meal… suggest ethnic or unusual, otherwise I probably won’t bite. Literally.

Before I forget, there’s another reason I could potentially find an eatery lacking… the service. Having also spent some time in the ‘front of house’ in restaurants AND years working for, not to mention visiting locations in… a luxury hotel company – has left me very particular. Very particular indeed. Come to think of it… I’ve spent most of my life in customer service, in one way or another – all the way back to our farm stand, when I was a little girl.

How happy am I, on the occasions I do venture out – and find both good food and service??? It’s gonna sound weird, but it puts me at peace. A very satisfying calm comes over me, knowing that the experience is going to be not just ok, but solid. In the zone. Totally at home. Sigh.

Go here and find out!! Thinking it’s time to give this spot that’s been voted best Korean in Toronto a try, I ventured out – with a neighbour who’s like minded when it comes to food.

It’s always a good time to go… but especially very very good when the weather is tortuously cold, as has been the case for much of our Toronto winter. The stone bowl… keeps the food HOT, an extraordinarily long time.

Hot. Delicious. Lots of textures…. YES, YES, YES!
Rice. Lots of vegetables. Choice of meat/or not & sauce. YES, YES, YES!!


Great to go container. Unless you go massively hungry, there will be leftovers.
Service = top notch! Friendly enough, very knowledgeable and very patient with newbies~

Would I go back…? Defo. Call me next time you’re in town~
ps Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Monday.



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