Country Bread. City Girl!

Feeling the urge to bake bread, I checked through my recipe ‘wish list’ and was stoked to find Michael Smith’s recipe for Country Bread. I’ve had it for some time, but like can happen, totally forgot it’s existence. Boy oh boy… am I happy that I came across it!

I’d seen him make this on TV and marveled at the concept. A yeast bread… without kneading…? One he calls the tastiest he’s ever made…? I could not wait and headed for the kitchen.

Here’s the recipe, the how to and all the comments by the wonderfully talented Chef Smith:

Below you’ll find my pics and how I did it!

I picked up this flour on a trip to Buffalo. Heard it was one of the best you could get in the U.S.

I improvised… using a large pot with lid, instead of a bowl covered with plastic wrap. I don’t think it really affected things… but will know next time I make the bread – and use a bowl. (The straight sides may have contributed to a slight collapse of the dough at the end of the rising period….)

Not having a ‘grain mix’ to add, I used large flake oats. It simply disappeared into the loaf – adding hidden goodness!

Initial mixing of the dough…. love this method!! Always use it when I make dough by hand!

Always very satisfying to see the dough come together…

Ready – for the 18 hours/no knead/no work rise time!

Some 8 hours later – you can see how much the dough has risen.

The next morning… a slight decrease in volume, from the night before.

This very very moist dough needed some more flour and a few minutes on the counter – to come together. (I was going to video some of the process – but have to apologize. My camera battery went ka-put!)

Camera back in action: After the last rise, the dough – just put in the oven. I went free form, instead of using a loaf pan. 


Buonissima! Delizioso!! Defo one of the best breads I’ve ever made – and one of the easiest!! Will be making this again and again~